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Tell Your Mind

Voicing mental health conditions and promoting
socio-emotional well-being in secondary schools

What is TYM?

TYM is a 33-months KA2 Cooperation Partnership in School Educaton, co-funded by the European Union. The project is coordinated by Erasmus Learning Academy (Spain) and brings together partners from Italy (ELA Sicilia), Croatia (Inicijativa - Centar za edukaciju), Serbia (Muzicka skola Stevan Hristic) and Latvia (Jelgavas Valsts gimnazija). The key priorities and themes addressed by TYM are inclusion and diversity,  mental health and well-being.

What is the project aim?

The main aim of TYM is to give voice to mental health-related experiences and remove stigma from mental diseases and support socio-emotional well-being at the school level, empowering teachers with the skills needed to promote mental well-being and encourage both teachers and students to share their experiences through storytelling techniques.
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Why was the project created?

The project was born to address the need to highlight mental health-related experiences and illnesses among secondary school students and teachers. This was motivated by the recognition of the importance of socio-emotional well-being in schools and the desire to raise awareness about mental health conditions.
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